FUK Manifesto

Part I 

Launch Tokenomics & Rationale

The initial launch of the token is a generic upgradeable “box” using the reference implementation from OpenZepplin and Binance. This means no tax or other mechanisms (which are mostly thinly-veiled scams) that became the rage for every “shitcoin” launch template for the last four months. After Hoge’s success and the terrible pseudo-sequel of SafeMoon, virtually everything has looked a lot like, but not limited to: 

  • Deflationary with % tax
  • % Auto-LP, % Marketing/Developer, % Redistribution
  • Anti-whale & Anti-dump
  • Locked LP forever
  • Renounced ownership
  • 100% community driven

So, why go against that model?  Let’s start with the last point.

How can it be “community driven” if the contract is immutable & renounced before there is actually a community? The answer is simple.  It is a ponzi scheme where the “developers” are raking profit off of community work in FULL VIEW by making tokenomics sound “exciting” or “innovative.”

Well, we are going to call out the Karens out from the Cryptoverse and make the first TRUE community token. Launching as a simple upgradable “box” with 50% burned, we can add those features AND MORE in the future as the community forms into existence.  This is why our roadmap key item #1 is the formation of the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) with a voting structure (initially off-chain) to design the future of FUK together and have all the keys / IP / assets handed over in 90 days.



Simply put, the idea that a “community” token is immutable, launched and “renounced” by a single developer is a complete falsehood.  Even if it was “renounced”, nearly every “renounced” contract can revert ownership and take it back (yes, this is another scam tactic.  It is not really driven by anything other than early investors and pump and dump style hype.

Now, of course we want to capture that energy as well, but we are going to be:

  • transparent and clearly state the what, why. who, when, where and how
  • let the community drive the tokenomics [see roadmap] and any other features of the contract.

As to “why not” adapt the following “shitcoin” hallmarks, let’s review them one at a time:

  1. Deflationary with % tax

I’ll be honest, I like deflationary tokens. Hoge Finance was brilliant as the first fork of RFI protocols in the meme coin space. However, that led to the “auto-LP” of SafeMoon and the ever-increasing taxes and now the “hyper-deflationary” tokens which only serve to optimize and transfer back wealth to the early holders or developer controlled LP. Total Karen move.

  1. % Auto-LP, % Marketing/Developer, % Redistribution

On the surface, this seems like it should be a good idea. LP is needed to avoid “rugpulls” and to stabilize the price BUT it doesn’t work in practice IF the LP pool is controlled by the developers. Auto-LP centralizes the LP pool and it purposefully punishes new holders as supply dries and without manual controls (this is a whole other can of beans and definite bad juju unless you want to be a “managed security” which means the SEC will shut you down eventually) this guarantees the best efficient route to being a stable coin.  This is bad because your investment will simply not grow unless you were an extremely early investor.

  1. Anti-Whale / Anti-Pump

100% lies. Get over yourself already. Bots and whales will find a way around your 8th grade attempt at logic.

  1. Locked LP Forever

Again, you disincentivize community development and responsibility but make everyone still feel individually important regardless of contribution. Karen mentality much?

  1. Etcetera!

So, it’s clear how these features support Karens and Karen developers.  While not universally true, it’s basically as bad as the classic “but not all men” response on social media. The reality is well in fact the truth mentioned above and nobody cares about your YouTube experts, your Twitter influencers or your trash Facebook comments. Yes, DYOR, but trust that there are experts out there and we are more than happy to patiently educate you if you stop screaming whataboutisms while randomly being hyperdefensive about your own projects you may have invested in.



Otherwise known as “The Good Stuff” that you care about – so, let’s get on with it!

Mint IT & Burn 50% with the remaining distribution as follows:

Dev Team: 10% (6% net)

  • 1% set aside for marketing
  • 2% set aside to seed liquidity farms
  • 1% set aside to compensate community members

Private Presale: 10% => Discount @ 30%

This is to compensate the group of people who have come together and helped get everything in place and ready for solid and stable launch. From ideas, to socials, exchange contracts, marketing, web, etc. They aren’t core dev team but everyone here today should be compensated for their support. Because expecting people to work for free and/or never returning favors is Karen Ideal #1 🙁

Presale: 15% (max) => Discount @ 15%

The greater the total that is out on presale, the less opportunity there is for wild price swings. Out of the gate, 100% of this will be locked on PadSwap and slowly burned/dripped into farms to incentivize distribution of LP.  For fairness and to avoid consolidation, private presale parties are excluded from the presale.

Public Sale: 65%

Presale LP will be locked and unlocked later, remaining tokens available for sale on PadSwap.

Total Supply: IT, Circulation < 500B

Initial Launch Valuation: $1M USD